Conspiracy and Mortality.

I drew this piece during the Occupy Wall St. protests. It represents a protester’s belief that an elite group controls the Wall St. suits who pilot our economy into the ground for their personal gain. The suit follows his orders through his helmet. The reflection of the NYC skyline reveals an eminent impact.

Swim with the fishes. A juxtaposition of an innocent pastime of gazing at fish and the fear of death that every first timer gets when they look 30 feet down and see a foggy dark ocean floor.

An object known for its mortality but feared by most is a perfect symbol of loneliness in death. A coffin is most often found buried in the ground, sometimes within 5 feet of another coffin, but cold and darkness isolates the the person at rest inside. Suspending the same object in an opposite environment seems to not change its loneliness.

Juxtapose: to place close together or side by side, especially for comparison or contrast. Juxtaposition takes subject matter to a higher level creating more value for the viewer which is a great selling point in t-shirt design. In this piece I’ve taken the two most contrasting and known symbols of war and peace and arranged them in a way that makes them seem to be made for each other. A bullet casing as a vase for the dandelion.

The last piece for the Conspiracy and Mortality series shows a figure of a lone man falling to his demise. This was spawned by the idea that one man’s fight against the injustice of “the man” will end in defeat.


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